May 3, 2023

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Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market

Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market-LT
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Here we are going to discuss the top 5 best websites for investment in the share market in India because Investment is an essential part of wealth creation, which helps you beat inflation to fulfil your financial goals and also stabilise your financial future.

Why Is Investment Important?

Instead of letting money be idle in your bank accounts, you can invest in different avenues like stocks, equities, mutual funds, fixed deposits, or more. For market-savvy investors with a deeper understanding of securities, and a high tolerance for risk, these high-risk investments work best. In these investments, there is no limit to the gains, but the level of risk is also very high. Volatile investments like stocks, equity mutual funds, and derivatives fall in this category.
The return on these instruments can give you huge returns, but it is necessary to know when to put your money in a volatile environment, and know when to stop and pull out your money with high returns. The quantity and timing of returns on these instruments are not fixed.

As equity investments that represent a share of ownership in a company or entity, stocks are one of the best investment avenues for long-term investors. These can be traded in a marketplace called ‘Stock Market’, where all trades are done electronically.

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Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Sharemarket For Beginners In India:

1. Money Control

Traffic — 50 million per month

Moneycontrol is the most popular stock research website among Indian Stock Investors. All sorts of information such as marketplace news, trends, charts, livestock costs, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, personal funding and IPOs etc. can be found on this website.

For tracking share markets in the country, Money control is a one-stop solution. This website makes available all the fundamental and technical data of the company. In fact, the website captures all the essential aspects of the share market. Moreover, money control also has a mobile app on all platforms- Android, IOS, and windows.

Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market 1

2. Economic Times

Traffic — 33 million per month

Economic Times is another well-known website for the Indian share market information. It is the best website for stock analysis with the latest updated market news bulletin. Economic Times provides prompt and reliable news. It is one of the oldest share business news portals. On this website, the visitors can easily get detailed information and news about the company. Moreover, on this website, all the current business news is also available.

For monitoring the market and for stock information Economics Times too has its mobile application. Like money control, the Economic Times website also provides similar information to track the Indian share market.

Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market 2

3. Business Standard

Traffic — 8 million per month

Another great business website, the Business Standard is the online property of Business Standard Private Limited. The Business Standard focuses on accuracy and reliability, independent and fair judgement based on true journalism.

The Business Standard has built its name in the world of Finance majorly due to the contributors of the website which includes the likes of Shekhar Gupta, Aakar Patel, Nitin Desai, Parthasarathi Shome, Rathin Roy, TCA Anant, and Debashis Basu.

Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market 3

4. Investing.Com

Traffic — 5.2 million per month

Investing is a perfect website meant for doing a fundamental and technical study of stocks. This website makes available all the important information for analysis. The data available on the Investing website contains charts, news, technical, forum, etc. It has various inbuilt tools for technical analysis, stock screening and investment planning. The stock screener tool is the best feature of this website.

Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market 4

5. Screener

Traffic — 1.3 million per month

The screener is an excellent site that carries out a fundamental and technical study of the stock. The Screener website offers access to the financials of various Indian companies.

However, on the website, all the features are free of cost and make it user-friendly. On the website various financial data like PE ratio, profit and loss reports, balance sheet, quarterly results, etc. are accessible. Users can also design their own screens based on their standards and scheme. For the customer’s screens, Email alerts are also supported.

Top 5 Websites For Best Investment In Share market 5

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