October 4, 2023

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Everything You Need to Know About PUBG Relaunch in India

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PUBG Corporation recently announced that its popular mobile game, PUBG Mobile is coming back to India with a local twist to it.

PUBG Mobile is arguably one of the most popular mobile games around the world and especially in India. And when it was banned in India, back in September there was a huge outcry from the public to unban it, but the Indian government did not budge. Now PUBG Corporation has announced that the game will be making a comeback to the country soon in a special Indian version, though it will depend on the Indian government granting it permission.

PUBG Corporation recently announced that its popular mobile game, PUBG Mobile is coming back to India with a local twist to it. The game now will be called PUBG Mobile India, and it will be separate from the global version, similar to the Korean and Chinese version.

The changes made especially for the Indian market include a virtual simulation training ground setting, all characters will be fully clothed from the beginning of the game, and the blood will be green instead of red. The company will also place restrictions on game time to promote healthy gameplay habits for young players.

PUBG Corporation has not announced an exact launch date for PUBG Mobile India. And the current speculation is that the game will be made available soon. However, there has been no confirmation from the government to allow the game in India.

In order to comply with the norms of the Indian government, PUBG Corporation plans to set up a local office with at least 100 employees. “In addition to establishing a local office, the company will look to actively collaborate and leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service,” the developers said in s statement.

Changes in PUBG mobile:

As PUBG Mobile relaunches in India, it’s not going to be exactly the same as the game of yore. Until now, if you were playing PUBG for hours on end, the game would issue a warning to users to alert them to the time that has passed by.

  1. In the new version, instead of just a warning, it is likely that the game won’t allow users to enter a match after a certain number of hours.

  2. To address the issue of violence within the game, the company also plans to introduce the ‘green blood’ effect — which is already a part of the Korean version of the game.

  3. The default charter will no longer be naked for new users. In order to avoid the awkwardness of having to run around in underwear while looking for clothes over weapons, the game will now begin with automatically clothed characters.